5/30 Luv PARADE TOUR 2024「JOKER」リハーサル配信チケット発売開始!


2024/05/24 17:00


2024年6月1日新横浜を皮切りにTOUR 2024「JOKER」をスタートさせるLuv PARADE。

1st MINI ALBUM「JOKER」をいち早く披露!




<Luv PARADE TOUR 2024「JOKER」リハーサル配信>















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Starting from June 1st, 2024, Luv PARADE will kick off TOUR 2024 "JOKER" in Shin-Yokohama. They will also be the first to showcase their 1st MINI ALBUM "JOKER"! We'll bring you the members' different vibe from the rehearsal studio 😈


<Luv PARADE TOUR 2024 "JOKER" Rehearsal Streaming>

Date and Time: May 30, 2024 (Thursday) 16:00-18:00

Ticket Price: 4,000 yen

Archive: Until June 2, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59


- Please purchase tickets by June 2, 2024 (Sunday) 21:00.

  Note that purchasing tickets after this time will result in the archive viewing ending at 23:59, even if it's during the archive.

- The start and end times may vary slightly depending on the situation on the day.

- Please refrain from disclosing the setlist on SNS or elsewhere.

- This stream will be an uninterrupted rehearsal live stream.

- The organizer is not responsible for any issues related to internet or viewing environments.

- Customers are responsible for internet communication fees related to viewing.

- Due to the expected high data usage, we recommend using Wi-Fi.

- This is a paid live stream. If the streamed content is reused, legal action may be taken.

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